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Kithara Path-taker

Kithara Path-taker

Age: 15 Felinen years, 10 human years
Gender: Female
Hair: Black
Skin: yellow-ish brown
Eyes: Dark Forest Green
Born: Felinen Community Hellas
(I'll have maps and stuff made soon...think near Japan for now)

This is Kithara Path-taker, the hyperactive Felinen who has
an obsession with magic. Being undeveloped, especially
for a Felinen, has earned her the nic-name "Kitten".
Like all Felinens, she's an early riser and a secret-keeper,
with something of a temper when you poke too much into
their privacy. Overall, Kithara is friendly, loyal to her
friends, and very caring. She has the flaw of being
too curious, and a little child-like.
one finally note; Don't ever feed Kithara candy; she's
already naturally hyper as it is. ^_^

Katiri WingSong

Katiri WingSong

Age: 15 Elven years, 30 human years
Gender: Female
Hair: Blond
Skin: pale
Eyes: Deep Blue
Born: Filia, Elfhelm (think N. America)

(actually, Filia is what used to be Greenland ~.^)
This is Katiri WingSong, Kithara's elven friend and roommate.
She's a bit strange for an elf, in the way that she acts. Unlike
others of her race, she doesn't have a grudge against dwarves.
This is due to the fact that she has a deformity; an extra finger
on each hand. Such a small thing, right? Unfornuately, to elves
it's a big thing, and Katiri has been socially outcasted since
she was a child. She's a little on the protective side, a
bit on the snappish side, and a tad na´ve because she refuses
to listen to gossip. So she doesn't know a lot of common knowledge.
Like all Elves, she can be very emotional about things.

Elyse Rockall

Elyse Rockall

Age:16 Dwarven years, 26 human years
Gender: Female
Hair: dirty Brown
Skin: tan
Eyes: Hazel
Born: Dwarfdom

This is Elyse, Katiri's childhood friend, and therefore, Kithara's
(gotta love Felinen logic). Elyse is a bit of an outcast herself,
because she has Felinens and Elves as friends. She's also very
good with computers and the Network. Basicall, Elyse is your
sterotypical Geek, but with a temper. No Nerd here!
Elyse generally doesn't like Felinens, but she tolerates Kithara
and tries to keep her from getting too much out of control.

Journey-Mage Seneca

Journey-Mage Seneca

Age:35 Felinen years, 30 human years
Gender: Female
Hair: dirty blonde
Skin: greyish-brown
Eyes: Yellow
Born: "unnamed" Felinen community

Journey-Mage Seneca is actually one of the people who knows
what's going on. She and a few others, that is. But...
she's not telling. As she says, watch and see.
Being a Journey-Mage is as high of a level as a
Felinen can get in magic, and Seneca is one of the
only Felinens at her rank and a member of the Mage Council.
This allows her to accummulate sensitive information, but
dispite this, there are things that even she can be wrong on.

Mage Altus WingSong

Altus WingSong

Age:35 Elven Years, 65 human years
Gender: Male
Hair: pale Blonde
Skin: pale
Eyes: light blue

Altus WingSong is Katiri's Uncle and is a Master-level Mage.
He has the traditional values on how an Elf should act and isn't
very nice when rules are broken. However stern he might appear,
Altus does have a soft spot for Katiri and is one of the few
relatives that took care of her during her childhood.
And no, he's not an albino, he's just pale from too many days
studying inside, away from the sun.

Mage Tunisia

Mage Tunisia

Age: 36 Felinen Years, 31 human years
Gender: Male
Hair: blue-ish-grey
Skin: creamy brown
Eyes: blue
Born: Solon, Elfhelm

Tunisia is a friend of Seneca, from late childhood.
He's only a novice mage, but he has a talent in growing things,
and Healing, so the Academy keeps him around to help with
plants that are needed for spells, and to test out a few spells.
He's known for an interesting sense of humour and a tough
opponent in Chess.

Joshi Moonflower

Joshi Moonflower

Age: 15 Felinen years, 10 human years
Gender: Male
Hair: Golden Blonde
Skin: creamish grey-brown
Eyes: deep blue
Born: Kore, Elfhelm

Joshi is Kithara's classmate from History class. Unlike other
Felinen children, he refused to cut his hair before entering
high school. He said that he liked it long and that it was going
to stay that way. Joshi is the middle child of his family, which
is a part of the imfamously large Moonflower clan.

Lexius Moonflower

Lexius Moonflower

Gender: Male
Hair: white
Skin: white
Eyes: red

Lex isn't really part of the story, more of the futuristic spinoff,
so I won't tell you about where he comes from.
I have him show up every once in a while
for information and such. He's an albino, and he's rather
sensitive to light and being teased. He doesn't like bullies.
And oh yeah, he's really really powerful. ^_^ so don't piss him off, k?

Basic Geography of the world of Kakimo

The human Kingdoms are basically Russia, Europe and Northern Asia.

Elfhelm is Northern America, and Greenland. Iceland doesn't exist.

South America has been deduced to a maze of rivers and islands, this is known as Orcberg,
and belongs to the Orc races.

Northern Africa is barely suitable for civilization. It's said that only Kyneri live there now.

Goblins inhabit South Africa for mutual trade.

Nobody lives in the Antartic, which is known as the Ice Wall.

Dwarfdom is in the mountains surrounding Asia.

The rest of Asia and Australia is considered the Ruins of Amhelaki.
While Asia is fairly livable, as there's some neutral parts of the
Dwarfdom that allows outsiders and a few Felinen communities
(although Dwarves don't like Felinens, they were forced into letting Felinens settle),
The rest of Amhelaki is suffering from years of Mage Wars.

Random Notes: Felinens spend most of their childhood in isolated
communities. For certain reasons, Felinens cannot make contact to other
races until they are at least nine human years old. Then they start high
school outside of the community. Once the youngest has reached that age,
the entire family moves out of the community. When the parents become seniors,
they retired back into the community. Felinens only live about 50-70 years.
It is very rare to be able to enter a community or to see an underage
Felinen outside of the community.
These communities are located around the world, but the largest number of
them are around Amhelaki.

Kyneri are small shapeshifters that can survive in any climate. They
have a simple loosely-structured society and culture that's mainly borrowed
from other races. Generally, Kyneri are regarded as pests because they are so annoying.

The actual disagreement between Elves and Dwarves is from a misunderstood
joke. But so much time has pasted that no one remembers what the joke was.

Felinen are widely regarded as a cross between cats, Elves, and Kyneri,
because they appeared sometime after an elven research party entered Amhelaki
to research the traces of Wild Magic there, and was never heard from again.
Also, it's general opinion that the Kyneri are mutations from Amhelaki. How
else could a race so insane be created? ^_^

Elves are the only species that don't get annoyed by Felinens.

The levels of mages: Novice, Journey-Mage, Master, Adept.

The Orders of Mages: Light, Dark, Grey, and Techno. Techno-mages study
combining science and magic. Light works with yang elements, Dark works
with yin elements, and Gery can use both yin and yang elements.

Traditionally, children are mage-tested at the age of seven, and then
again at the age of 15. This is to reduce the number of late-blooming
magic talents from going out of control. Mage training is taught free, as
it's considered something that should not be left untrained. Generally, those
with strong magic Gifts are encouraged to seek a career as a professional mage.

Most Felinens don't reach higher than a mage-level of Journey-mage.

For some reason, most magic spells don't work on Felinens. This has resulted
in a branch of magic dedicated to create spells that work on Felinens. It's
not a seperate Order though, and most of the findings end up in the market
towards Felinen-oriented products, like Felinen-proof locks. There's also
a market for Felinen clothing.

Felinens hardly reach a hieght of an average human's chest.

Most people find it hard to tell males Felinens from female Felinens.

Felinens eat a tonne, but don't gain weight. In their houses, there's
usually only one bathroom, and it's for guests.

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